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NEWS 17 Juni 2008

Radical SR8LM – faster than one of the fastest car in the world! – 03 June 2008
Radical produced its first V8-powered sports car in 2004 and promptly reduced the Nürburgring Nordschleife lap record by a whopping 25 seconds! At the time, few expected any other car to come close. They were wrong!

Radical European Masters

After producing over fifty V8-powered SR8’s, Radical have launched the all-new SR8LM! The first road legal example rolled out of Radical’s Peterborough factory last week, on way to its lucky Italian customer. The new owner has bought the car in full knowledge that it will lap the ‘ring considerably faster than the 6 minutes 56 seconds immortalised by Michael Vergers and relived time and again by You Tube fans.
View the YouTube video clip of the record:


Many of the safety and aerodynamic lessons learnt during the development of Radicals successful SR9 Le Mans prototype have been incorporated in the new SR8LM. The ultra-lightweight carbon composite bodywork incorporates a new aero package, which increases the already significant downforce of the SR8 by 25%. At the SR8LM’s maximum speed of 180mph, aerodynamic downforce multiplies the cars 650kg weight by a factor of two and a half, bringing a whole new meaning to the phrase, ‘handles like it’s on rails’.
Safety is an absolute priority at Radical. The SR8LM’s space frame chassis incorporates a driver/passenger safety cell and collapsible front structure, which has been subject to stringent crash and squeeze tests, similar in nature to the ones F1 cars withstand.
The engineers at Radical have continually developed the Powertec RP V8 engine, which powers the SR8LM. A new flat plane crankshaft, an eight throttle body induction system, and new cams contribute to raising the V8’s output from a healthy 360bhp, to a mind blowing 450bhp. This unique engine revs to a heady 10,500 rpm and produces a sound track to die for! And the development does not stop there. An in-house designed and developed paddle-operated, six-speed sequential transaxle, transmits the additional power seamlessly to the tarmac. Once the SR8LM has been unleashed in first gear the remaining five can be grabbed without lifting the right foot. And while standing on the SR8LM’s awesome four pot brakes, down-changes can be accomplished by a flick of the finger, automatically blipping the throttle F1-style.
So how much do you need to spend to buy a road legal sportscar capable of lapping the Nürburgring Nordschliefe at a little over 6½ minutes? The SR8LM starts at around £80,000 – small price, to drive what Radical claim is the fastest two-seater car in the world!
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