The LADA Sport team announced that the LADA Priora car will make its first WTCC appearance at Porto, on July 5th. The Priora will replace the LADA 110 2.0 that is currently used by the team.
The design and development of the new racing car have been ongoing since the end of 2008, and the Priora is currently under construction in the LADA Sport workshop. It is due to hit the track for testing by the end of May.
"The first aerodynamic tests in the wind tunnel showed that the Priora is well balanced, which is extremely important. The drag coefficient is very low and makes the LADA one of the best cars in its class," unveiled Vladislav Nezvankin, director of LADA Sport.

First rendering of the new WTCC racer LADA Priora

Proteam Motorsport will expand to three cars for the next event in Marrakech. The 32-year old Italian Vito Postiglione will join Félix Porteiro and George Tanev at the wheel of a third BMW 320si.
"We add a quality driver to an already strong team. I believe that with the addition of Postiglione, our team is getting even stronger. We will provide all three drivers with the best materials in order to offer them the opportunity to shine," team owner Valmiro Presenzini stated.
Postiglione boasts an impressive CV, with a number of races won in the Italian and European Renault Clio trophies. His best achievements were victories in the 2003 Vallelunga 6 hours and the 2007 Ferrari Challenge World Final. "This is an opportunity I was waiting for since long time and I wish to thank Valmiro for supporting me. The programme so far includes some of the European events, then we will evaluate my position in the championship and decide what to do," he said.
WTCC’s new Compensation Weight system will come into force for the first time on the next event at Marrakech.
The system determines the running weight of the WTCC cars on the basis of lap time calculation.
The best lap times of the two fastest cars of each model in qualifying and the two best lap times of the two fastest cars of each model in both races are averaged. The calculation is based on a three event rolling average, except it is applied after the first two events.
The compensation weight for Morocco has been determined by the lap times set in Brazil and Mexico. As a consequence, the SEAT León TDI and BMW 320si have been indentified as the reference models and will receive a compensation weight of 40kg in addition to the minimum weight of 1170kg fixed by the sporting regulations.
All the other cars – Chevrolet Cruze, LADA 110, SEAT León TFSI and Alessandro Zanardi’s BMW 320si (the only one equipped with a sequential gearbox) – will have 20kg deducted from their minimum weight.

SEAT León TDI and BMW 320si will get the maximum compensation weight

Triple FIA WTCC champion Andy Priaulx will attempt his first ever marathon. In a personal mission to raise both money and awareness for the Priaulx Premature Baby Foundation, a charity he set up with wife, Jo, Priaulx will take part in the London Marathon on April 26th.
"Foolishly I said to a few friends what about running the Great Wall of China, but before doing anything stupid like that, I should have a go at a marathon. At the end of the day what we really want to do is save more babies lives and that is why I am doing this," he said.
If you would like to sponsor Andy to run the marathon, donate at

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