Brawn GP Formula One Team: GP Monaco.

Brawn GP ready to face the technical challenges of the Monaco Grand Prix

Round six of the 2009 FIA Formula One World Championship, the Monaco Grand Prix is widely considered to be the most prestigious motorsport race in the world. A fantastic spectacle for the fans, the Monaco weekend features a combination of excitement and caution for the teams.
Ross Brawn, Team Principal at Brawn GP commented, "Monaco is a unique and unpredictable venue and you have to take a very controlled approach to the race weekend. The pit lane and paddock is an intense environment to work in due to the location at the heart of the city and it is therefore more stressful than any other race on the calendar. However we love that level of extra challenge and it is what makes Formula One and Monaco so special."
Leading the Drivers‘ World Championship by 14 points, Jenson Button is looking forward to his first of two home races of the season ahead of the British Grand Prix at Silverstone next month. Jenson said, "To go to Monaco with the lead in both the Drivers‘ and Constructors‘ Championships is fantastic but we saw in Barcelona that the performance margins at the front are extremely close. My usual driving style is very smooth but I will have to change that a little bit to get the best out of the car here. You have to be aggressive around Monaco and not let the barriers intimidate you whilst obviously paying them due respect. Every time you take to the track, it’s a non-stop challenge which requires you to maintain absolute focus, concentration and precision".
Rubens Barrichello will start his 17th Monaco Grand Prix on Sunday. Rubens said, "Monaco is always one of my favorite races on the calendar. Experience counts around here and it’s going to be a fascinating weekend with the competition so close at the front of the field. Qualifying is one of the biggest challenges of the year here and it is so important to get it right to give yourself the best chance in the race. You can really feel the speed of the car when the barriers are so close but Monaco is actually one of the lowest speed circuits that we race on."

Brawn GP and Henri Lloyd set to launch new collection for Silverstone

Brawn GP and Henri Lloyd are delighted to announce that a new range of merchandise is now available to pre-order through the team website. The full range will feature 14 new items in addition to those already available.
"We are delighted to be launching the 2009 Brawn GP merchandise range", commented Graham Allen, Commercial Director at Henri Lloyd. "Since we began our collaboration with Brawn GP in March, the success of our pre-collection has exceeded our expectations and the response from the team’s fans has been fantastic."
The 2009 collection reflects the values of both Brawn GP and Henri Lloyd. "The products will have a real resonance with Brawn GP fans as we aimed to capture the spirit and essence of the team both graphically and technically. The quality of the products reflects the standards that the team demands. Brawn GP brings a fresh approach to Formula One and the new collection continues to illustrate their passion for racing."
The new collection will also be available to purchase at the British Grand Prix.
To thank you for your support, Brawn GP and Henri Lloyd are delighted to offer an exclusive 10% discount on your next order to our registered fans.
Please go onto the Brawn GP website and click on the merchandise link on our homepage. You can then place an order in the normal way. At checkout please enter the following code to process your discount: BRAWN VIP1. The code is valid until 26 May 2009.

Keeping fit with Jenson Button

To introduce the new Features section for our registered members, Jenson’s physiotherapist Mike Collier has given an exclusive insight into Jenson’s fitness programme.
Formula One drivers have to maintain their impressive levels of fitness during the close season as much as when they are racing. But why is fitness so important for an F1 driver? Mike explains how demanding it is to drive a Formula One car and the challenges that a driver faces during every race.
"A modern F1 car can accelerate from 0 to 160 kph and back to 0 in less than five seconds. The mechanical and aerodynamic grip is such that drivers will experience lateral loads of up to 6G. Drivers will also endure temperatures inside the cockpit averaging 50 degrees centigrade and will lose two to three litres of water through sweat during the course of a race"

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