Andy Soucek given ten second penalty

Spaniard drops to fourth place in race one

Andy Soucek has been given a ten second penalty by the FIA stewards following an incident at Les Combes on lap three of today’s (Saturday) Formula Two race at Spa-Francorchamps.

The Spanish driver overshot the corner whilst trying to attack Tobias Hegewald for the lead. His car then ran across the grass and returned to the track immediately in front of Julien Jousse. The Frenchman had to take avoiding action and lost his place to Miloš Pavlović in the process.

Having left the circuit with all four wheels and hindered another driver on his return to the track, it has been deemed worthy of a penalty by the race stewards.

Soucek has accordingly been dropped to fourth in the final classification of the race, whilst Pavlović and Jousse have been promoted to second and third respectively. The penalty leaves Soucek third in the overall championship standings.
Revised resultsFIA Formula Two Championship, Spa-Francorchamps, Race One:

1. Tobias Hegewald, 11 laps
2. Miloš Pavlović, +7.896s
3. Julien Jousse, +8.619s
4. Andy Soucek, +14.149s
5. Jack Clarke, +19.406s
6. Tom Gladdis, +19.955s
7. Henri Karjalainen, +21.720s
8. Edoardo Piscopo, +27.003s
9. Mirko Bortolotti, +34.193s
10. Kazim Vasiliauskas, +36.390s           

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