There is only one change to the compensation weight list for the next event in Oschersleben: 20 kilos added to the Chevrolet Cruze cars compared to Brands Hatch.
The BMW 320si emerged as the fastest model during the British weekend, only 0.048 seconds faster than the Chevrolet and three tenths faster than the SEAT León TDI.
According to the calculation that took into account the lap times set in the three previous events (Brno, Porto and Brands Hatch) BMW and SEAT remain on the maximum compensation weight (+40kg), while the Chevrolet moves up to +30kg.
Like in Brands Hatch, Alessandro Zanardi’s BMW 320si (equipped with a sequential gearbox) will have no compensation weight on board, while the SEAT León TFSI and the both LADA models (110 and Priora) will have 20kg deducted from the minimum weight.

Compensation weights Oschersleben
+ 40 kg BMW 320si, SEAT León TDI
+ 30 kg Chevrolet Cruze LT
± 0 kg BMW 320si Zanardi
– 20 kg LADA 110, LADA Priora, SEAT León TFSI

The Chevrolet cars will have 20 further kilos on board at Oschersleben

Lap time calculation as per art. 79 Sporting Regulations

Curitiba1st SEAT León Tdi; 2nd BMW 320si (+ 0.252); 3rd: Chevrolet Cruze LT (+ 0.337)
: 1st BMW 320si; 2nd SEAT León Tdi (+ 0.419); 3rd: BMW 320si GBS (+ 1.497)
Marrakech: 1st Chevrolet Cruze LT; 2nd SEAT León Tdi (+ 0.191); 3rd: BMW 320si (+ 0.831)Pau: 1st BMW 320si; 2nd Chevrolet Cruze LT (+ 0.579); 3rd: SEAT León Tfsi (+ 1.002)Valencia: 1st SEAT León Tdi; 2nd BMW 320si (+ 0.294); 3rd: Chevrolet Cruze LT (+ 0.965)Brno: 1st BMW 320si; 2nd BMW 320si Zanardi (+ 0.393); 3rd: SEAT León Tdi (+ 0.809)Porto: 1st SEAT León Tdi; 2nd BMW 320si (+ 0.147); 3rd: Chevrolet Cruze LT (+ 0.324)Brands Hatch: 1st BMW 320si; 2nd Chevrolet Cruze LT (+ 0.048); 3rd: SEAT León Tfsi (+ 0.320)

Frenchman Jean-Marie Clairet is the SEAT Eurocup driver who won WTCC participation in the next event at Oschersleben.
The 42-year old from Paris emerged as the best scorer in last weekend’s Eurocup round at Brands Hatch, claiming victory in the second race and climbing to fifth in the series‘ classification.
"It’s a dream. The WTCC is another planet compared to the championships I have raced so far. My only goal will be to finish the races without damaging the car," said Clairet who has claimed European and national titles in the Citroën and Peugeot trophies during his racing career.
Clairet is the fourth SEAT Eurocup driver to qualify for a WTCC event, following Tim Coronel (Brno), Diego Puyo (Porto) and Norbert Michelisz (Brands Hatch).

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