Eurosport Events, the promoter of the Intercontinental Rally
Challenge, is delighted to announce that Subaru will join the IRC next
year with the aim of supporting its customer competition business with
the legendary Group N Impreza.
In the 2009 IRC season, seven manufacturers were represented with
Abarth, Honda, Peugeot, Proton, Ralliart, Skoda and Volkswagen going
head-to-head on spectacular events. The IRC series is designed not
only to showcase these unique events through the use of innovative
live television coverage, but also to provide competitors with an
excellent promotional platform.
Marcello LOTTI, the IRC’s General Manager, commented: "We are very
honoured to welcome Subaru competitors into the IRC family, which gets
bigger and better. Subaru is an iconic name in motorsport, which has
been a mainstay of customer competition for many years. Subaru’s
strategy fits in perfectly with the philosophy of the IRC and we are
convinced that our series will offer Subaru teams plenty of success
and strong international media exposure."
Shigeo SUGAYA, Motorsports Director of Subaru added: "We are very
happy to join the IRC, a series that we have been keenly observing
since its creation three years ago. The IRC provides an ideal arena to
develop our customer competition activities. With approximately 1,000
Subaru cars rallying around the world, this is a great opportunity for
our customers to take part in the famous rallies showcased by the IRC
and to benefit from the excellent promotion that comes with it."

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