The total prize money for WTCC Independent competitors has been raised by 72,000 euros thanks to the MONROE Performer trophy that will reward the fastest drivers.
3,000 euros will be awarded to the drivers setting the fastest lap in the Independents‘ category at each of the championship’s 24 rounds. At the same time, the drivers setting the race’s overall fastest lap (irrespective of being independent or not) will be awarded a TW Steel watch MONROE Perfomer limited edition and a Marzotti mountain bike WTCC limited edition.
"We are very grateful to MONROE, who recently joined WTCC as an official partner, for their generosity. The MONROE Performer 72,000-euro prize money comes on top of the 480,000 euros awarded by the Yokohama Independents‘ Trophy, increasing the total prize money to an amazing 552,000 euros," KSO general manager Marcello Lotti commented.
During the 2009 season, Stefano D’Aste set the independents‘ fastest lap in eight races, which would have been worth 24,000 euros.

During the 2009 season Stefano D’Aste set eighth times the Independents‘ fastest lap

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