The 2009 season of the FIA WTCC drew record viewing figures with a cumulative global audiences of 430 million different viewers according to the annual broadcast report published by independent German Institute IFM.
The 2009 audience figures represent an increase by 23% of ratings and a gain of 80 million viewers (over 350 million) compared to 2008.
Throughout the 2009 season, the WTCC was televised by 75 TV networks worldwide (50 free-to-air channels and 25 cable & satellite networks or pan-regional channels) in over 160 countries. The global TV coverage generated over 1,040 hours of dedicated broadcasts, a significant 15% increase.
The WTCC’s continuous growth in popularity and success has also resulted in an increase in event attendance with 761,000 spectators enjoying the races, while the website traffic generated 8.2 million page views.
Jacques Raynaud, Vice-Chairman of Eurosport Group and Eurosport Events commented: "The WTCC is now firmly established and perceived as a true motorsport World Championship and we are extremely satisfied to see how it continues to break audience records season after season. These outstanding viewing figures prove that the WTCC’s popularity is growing steadily and appeals to large, diversified audiences. This success results from the event’s format which is compact, dynamic and entertaining and the high standard television broadcast that has seen the introduction of our landmark production in native HD. Our continuous innovations and a permanently renewed suspense have contributed to boost audiences. We look forward to continuing our development in 2010 and working with all our stakeholders to deliver another successful year."

Last year the FIA WTCC attracted 430 million viewers over 75 TV channels worldwide

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