Silverstone: A Weekend to Forget

Nelson Panciatici Silverstone

The meeting in Silverstone will be one of the greatest disappointments of the season for Nelson Panciatici and his KMP Racing team. Everything was set to go, especially after the recent trials in Magny-Cours during which Nelson had progressed to a high level of performance.

Right from the first free practice, the “machine” choked up and the times were never met. The entire KMP team never admitted defeat and Nelson Panciatici tried as hard as he could to qualify well.

The disappointment was as great as the 17th and 21st positions in the two qualifying sessions were far from their usual performance since the beginning of the season. His co-driver, Anton Nebylitskiy, ran into the same difficulties.

Even if the results of both races are nothing to write home about, with one abandon in the first because of a fuel injection problem and an anonymous 17th place in the second, the level of performance was visible.

It’s a positive point that Nelson Panciatici brought up: “I would be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed. On the other hand, the times we made during the race show that we were in the running, which makes our poor qualifying results that much harder to bear! We have to concentrate now on the next date because we can’t change anything and I will continue to work with Adrien, my engineer. Whatever the cause, I’m still positive about the future because what happened at Silverstone was a blip on the landscape and something that happens to everyone in a season. However, we need to reverse the trend starting with Castellet where our aim is to step up on the podium.”

The dismay is the same for Bruno Besson, Team Manager for the KMP Racing team: “I don’t understand what happened this weekend, I think the basic setup was right because last year we had some great results and the car was very efficient. Yet during the whole weekend the drivers found the car quite difficult to drive. For the next race we will have a new set of tyres for each free practice session and we will be able to work effectively. We also worked hard during the private practice on this track so even if we didn’t show our best colours because of a technical problem which slowed us down, we picked up enough information to get us back in the race.”

As we can see, Nelson Panciatici and the entire KMP Racing team have already set their eyes on the next race which will take place on the Castellet circuit in September on the 16, 17 and 18th.

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