The three leading model cars in the championship – BMW 320si, SEAT León Tdi and Chevrolet Cruze LT – will be given the same compensation weight for the next event of the season in Brno.
According to the calculation that took into account the lap times set in the three previous events (Marrakech, Pau and Valencia) the BMW remains the fastest model and will receive again the maximum 40kg ballast for the races in the Czech Republic. However the Chevrolet and the SEAT Tdi are within the 0.3 second threshold (with gaps of 0.1 and 0.2 seconds respectively) and therefore will carry the same compensation weight.
As for the other cars, Alessandro Zanardi’s BMW 320si (the only one equipped with a sequential gearbox) has no compensation weight, while the SEAT León TFSI and the LADA 110 have 10kg and 20kg deducted from the minimum weight respectively.

Compensation weights Brno
+ 40 kg BMW 320si, Chevrolet Cruze LT, SEAT León TDI
± 0 kg BMW 320si Zanardi
– 10 kg SEAT León TFSI
– 20 kg LADA 110

BMW, Chevrolet and SEAT are all on the maximum compensation weight

Lap time calculation as per art. 79 Sporting Regulations

Curitiba: 1st SEAT León Tdi; 2nd BMW 320si (+ 0.252); 3rd: Chevrolet Cruze LT (+ 0.337)
Puebla: 1st BMW 320si; 2nd SEAT León Tdi (+ 0.419); 3rd: BMW 320si GBS (+ 1.497) Marrakech: 1st Chevrolet Cruze LT; 2nd SEAT León Tdi (+ 0.191); 3rd: BMW 320si (+ 0.831)Pau: 1st BMW 320si; 2nd Chevrolet Cruze LT (+ 0.579); 3rd: SEAT León Tfsi (+ 1.002)Valencia: 1st SEAT León Tdi; 2nd BMW 320si (+ 0.294); 3rd: Chevrolet Cruze LT (+ 0.965)

SEAT Sport’s Jordi Gené will join 1997 Formula 1 World Champion Jacques Villeneuve and touring car specialist Pierre-Yves Corthals to compete in this weekend’s Spa Francorchamps 12 Hours, counting towards the Belgian Touring Car Series.
They will share driving duties at the wheel of a SEAT León Supercópa backed by SEAT Belgium. "The challenge of racing at Spa is tremendously appealing since it’s one of the world’s best circuits. And it will be a pleasure to team with Jacques Villeneuve; we know each other since the years we were racing in Formula 3 and recently he was my brother Marc’s team-mate at the Le Mans 24 Hours. Our goal is having fun and, possibly winning our category," said Gené.

Jacques Villeneuve, Jordi Gené and Pierre-Yves Corthals team at the Spa 12 Hours

Tim Coronel is the first driver of the season to be awarded WTCC participation thanks to his results in the SEAT León Eurocup.
The 37-year old Dutchman was classified third and fourth in the two races of the series‘ opening meeting that took place last week in Valencia and won participation in the next WTCC event, on June 21st at Brno.
At the Czech track, Tim Coronel will drive a petrol-powered SEAT León car run by the Spain-based SUNRED Engineering, joining the team’s regular drivers: Tom Boardman and his own twin brother Tom Coronel.
Although the Coronels have shared the same car in this year’s Dakar Rally, this is the first time they are team-mates in recent years.

Alain Menu will take part in three events of Argentina’s TC2000 Championship, at the wheel of a Vectra run by the Chevrolet Elaion team.
The TC2000 includes in its calendar three long distance events that, besides awarding points for the championship itself, count towards a new trophy named "Copa Endurance".
In these three events – the 200 km of Termas de Río Hondo (14th June), the 200 km of Buenos Aires (16th August) and the 200 km of Potrero de los Funes (29th November) – Alain Menu will share driving duties with Guillermo Ortelli, while the second Chevrolet Elaion’s Vectra will be in the hands of Christian Ledesma and Juan Ignacio Cáceres.
Menu is not new to the TC2000, as he already joined Chevrolet’s Argentinean team in five editions of the 200 km of Buenos Aires, winning in 2006 together with Matías Rossi and finishing on the podium on three other occasions.

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