Formula Master – Brands Hatch Round 07



Jenzer Motorsport’s Fabio Leimer claimed his fourth win of the season today in round seven of the International Formula Master Series at the Brands Hatch circuit in England.

Second place belonged to JD Motorsport’s Josef Kral, his third podium in seven races, with team-mate Sergey Afanasiev securing third place. Leimer also set the race’s fastest lap in 1:18.853.

Fabio Leimer, Jenzer Motorsport
“The important thing was to have pole position because then I could drive my own race. I had a good start and got a four second gap to Josef [Kral] very quickly. After that Kral was getting closer and closer and seemed much faster so I was worried I might not win the race after all.

“I saved my tyres as much as possible during the middle stint of the race and managed to keep him behind me in the last laps, which allowed me to take the win.”

International Formula Master – Brands Hatch
Round 07: provisional top eight results
1. Fabio Leimer (SUI), Jenzer Motorsport (#6)
2. Josef Kral (CZH), JD Motorsport (#3)
3. Sergey Afanasiev (RUS), JD Motorsport (#2)
4. Pål Varhaug (NOR), Jenzer Motorsport (#7)
5. Erik Janis (CZH), ISR (#20)
6. Patrick Reiterer (ITA), Iris Project (#9)
7. Alexander Rossi (USA), ISR (#16)
8. Alessandro Kouzkin (RUS), Cram Competition (#47)

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