Brawn GP News: Formula One returns to Spain


Formula One returns to Spain

After the summer break, Formula One is back in action this weekend with the European Grand Prix taking place at the Valencia Street Circuit on Sunday.
Jenson is looking forward to racing again after the four-week break: "I’ve kept pretty busy with the London Triathlon and then some time to relax with my family and friends but it’s seemed like a long time without a race! Valencia is a beautiful city and the track is quite fun and challenging for the drivers with so many turns and the added factor of being surrounded by barriers means you have to maintain your concentration. There’s been a lot of work going on at the factory following our shutdown and with the cars at the front being so close at the moment, it will be an interesting weekend."
Rubens is also a fan of the new street circuit: "Valencia is a cool city and a great venue for the European Grand Prix last season. It’s a very different type of circuit to the classic image of a street track such as Monaco. The first part of the lap is quick with the long pit straight followed by a curved right-hander before the slower section leading up to the bridge. The second half feels more like a street circuit as you head away from the water and the tight hairpin at Turn 17 is the best overtaking opportunity. The final part of the lap is fast with some sweeping corners before the final tight left-hander."

August Q&A online

Every month, team members at Brawn GP answer a selection of questions that fans have sent to us through the website. To read the first part of this month’s Q&A with answers from Jenson and his mechanic Nathan amongst others, just visit the features section of the website!

New Jenson Merchandise range available

Following overwhelming demand from his fans, Jenson and Brawn GP’s partner Henri Lloyd have teamed up to create a very special range of Jenson merchandise. The new collection which includes t-shirts, polo shirt and track top is now available from the team’s merchandise website.

New tracks for Brawn GP Racing

Brawn GP Racing has just added two new tracks to its racing challenge where users can compete to win a luxurious Mercedes SL Roadster. Located in the Las Vegas desert, the Transamerica circuit whizzes past classic landmarks such as the Bellagio, the Luxor pyramid and the Stratosphere Tower. The European International Circuit fuses some of the most challenging features of the iconic European racetracks including the famous hairpin from Monaco. More information can be found at

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