2009 FIA Prize Giving Gala

The prestigious FIA Gala in Monaco capped a sensational season for Andy Soucek as he was officially crowned the inaugural FIA Formula Two Champion.

With seven wins and 11 podiums from 16 races, Soucek claimed the title in imperious fashion. The Spaniard took his first race victory at round four in Brno, Czech Republic, before going on to finish every race inside the top four for the remainder of the season. On 1 December, Andy Soucek piloted the Williams F1 car in Jerez, Spain as part of his prize for winning the 2009 FIA Formula Two Championship, setting the fastest time of the day.

Andy Soucek said:

“I am incredibly proud of my success in Formula Two. It was the best season of my life, and I have enjoyed every moment. More than anything else, Formula Two has opened doors in Formula One for me, which is a dream for any driver.

“I was expecting to be right on the top before the season started, but I didn’t expect to win by such a margin. Every race was a different challenge and every single win was special: my first in Brno was incredible, and then Imola and Barcelona, where I won the last two races in front of all my friends, family and sponsors – that was the perfect end to my championship.

“There were a lot of very good drivers who were really quick at different circuits, so it was a real challenge for me to actually score so many wins. In doing so I think I beat a lot of records in the history of Formula Two, which is a great honour.”

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