TV audience for the 2010 FIA World Touring Car Championship improved by ten percent compared to the previous season. The figures were unveiled by Eurosport Events, the championship promoter, following the annual broadcast report published by independent German Institute IFM.
Despite the championship was run on eleven events, one less than in 2009, audience figures of the WTCC HD programmes during the 2010 season recorded a gain of 40 million viewers compared to the previous year.
During 900 hours of coverage, the cumulative global reach totalled to 470 million viewers worldwide, against the record figure of 430 millions achieved in 2009.
Especially good performances were delivered by free-to-air channels in Germany (RTL) and Japan (TXN network, which includes TV Tokyo and TV Osaka).
Overall, 51% of broadcast duration has been delivered in Asia, whereas Europe still represents 65% of cumulative audience.
The TV distribution of WTCC is increasing year after year, with 86 channels under contract in 2010. Eurosport, the "host broadcaster" of WTCC and its live coverage throughout Europe and Asia Pacific, reached 38.9 million different viewers. Eurosport’s viewership now represents less than 9 per cent of WTCC’s worldwide cumulated audience. An evidence that WTCC TV coverage is steadily expanding all around the world.
Ulrich Lacher, managing director of IFM, commented: "Despite the FIFA World Cup was dominating sports global coverage for about two months, the WTCC continued to grow just like in the previous years. This was due to the growing popularity as a result of the good TV distribution of the series, which has made its way onto a number of major national networks in key motorsport markets like Japan, USA, China and Germany."
WTCC can now look at another record breaking season in 2011, with the conservative aim of exceeding the symbolic mark of half-billion viewers.

2010 was another record season for WTCC TV audience

Only a few days afther they tested in Barcelona last week, SUNRED Engineering moved to Lleida, located in the middle of Catalunya region, for another test session.
Gabriele Tarquini and Russian youngster Aleksey Dudukalo shared testing duties for two days with very low temperatures.
"We had to work hard on the set up to compensate the cold. The team focused to help Aleksey in getting to know the car and Gabriele’s support was crucial as he showed him all the secrets to drive the SEAT León Tdi at a fast and effective pace," team engineer Conrado Avila explained.
Dudukalo completed the two-day testing without any mechanical or driving problem.  
"We were very pleased with the job Aleksei and Gabriele have done at Lleida and now we can focus on preparing cars and parts for the shipping to Brazil," Avila concluded.

Gabriele Tarquini and Aleksei Dudukalo tested this week in Lleida, Spain

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