The promotion in the FIA European Championship calendar – of which it will be the third seasonal round after the 1000 Miglia in Italy and the Elpa in Greece – has given even more enthusiasm to the organizers of the Croatia Rally, who have prepared for the 2011 edition an even more interesting, meaningful and complete event.
The 2011 Croatia Rally 2011 has been designed to offer not only a selective and attractive route for the drivers, but also to give them the maximum exposure, mediatic return and direct contact with the public, and it will turn one of the most followed and important competitions in Croatia also in a non-sporting event.
In fact, the rally will have its service area in the pedestrian zone in the very centre of the town of Rijeka : a clear sign of the expectation and passion surrounding the event, and of the interest which the local authorities have towards it . The new format of the race, which will see the town of Rijeka host the start, finish and logistic headquarters from May 19th to 21st, is already available, together with most of the detailed information, on the event website .

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