With forty-seven cars on the track during the collective practise, the main difficulty for the drivers of the EUROCUP FORMULA RENAULT 2.0 was to find a clear lap and hope there weren’t too many red flags, which was not the case! In these conditions, it is difficult to get ones bearings during qualifiers which prove to be decisive, especially for "rookies" like the “EUROFORUMULA VOLANT” 2010, Paul Loup CHATIN.

The qualifiers were divided into two groups and the TECH 1 driver made a good 7th time which put him in 13th place on the starting grid of race 1. Red flags disturbed the session again and the “EUROFORMULA VOLANT” 2010 was only able to get two fast laps in, which was a shame because the potential was there to rise in the ranks during the race.

Indeed, Paul Loup CHATIN will cross the finish line in 10th place, tantamount to a new point in the championship.

For Sunday’s race, the scenario was pretty much identical with another 13th place on the starting grid, a good fight which sees him in 7th before dropping to 9th place as he reaches the finish and two more points which puts the “EUROFORMULA VOLANT” in 15th place in the provisional rankings of the EUROCUP Championship.

Paul Loup CHATIN remains positive and determined to progress in the ranks: “Even though this weekend wasn’t easy, it was beneficial for me because I gained more experience which will count toward the next races. I just hope to keep working well with my TECH 1 team who support me a lot. It’s the only way to get close to the podium in a championship like the EUROCUP where the level is very high, as much for the drivers as for the teams! I can’t wait for the next challenge.”

EUROFORMULA is also full of confidence, as their Director Laurent FRADON says: “Paul Loup successfully finished both races and scored without any fouls and not giving anything away on the track. It’s all panning out as we hoped, we expect to see him on the podium in the second part of the Championship, for the moment he’s taking his apprenticeship very seriously and intelligently because each race finished allows him to perfect his experience even more quickly. Our student has all the cards to succeed, up to him to use them well and I fully trust him to do that.”

The “EUROFORMULA VOLANT” 2010 has a busy programme ahead which will allow him to show his best. Indeed, Paul Loup CHATIN will take part on 7 and 8 May in the second round of the ALPS Championship on the IMOLA track in Italy before returning to MONZA and the EUROCUP Championship on the 14 and 15 May. This third challenge of the season should allow Paul Loup to climb a little further up the hierarchy.

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