First Victory for “EUROFORMULA VOLANT” Paul Loup Chatin

Paul Loup Chatin (2)

A busy meeting was waiting for Paul Loup Chatin at Hungaroring as he was driving in both the Eurocup and the ALPS Championship.

The weekend started badly for Paul Loup, however, as he made mistakes in the first session of qualifiers for the Eurocup and found himself 14th on the starting grid for the first race!

Paul Loup never admitted defeat and determined to push through. Caught in a collision, he found himself consigned to the back of the ranks, which was a shame because he should have been able to score some points.

The second round of qualifiers for the Eurocup went better with a nice 4th place that allowed him to hope for his first podium. Sadly, the “EUROFORMULA VOLANT” 2010 found himself in difficulties and could not rise higher than 6th in Race 2 with the 3rd best time, which is very encouraging.

Paul Loup Chatin was now left with just the two races in the ALPS Championship to bring to fruition the potential he has shown recently and take his first victory.

Setting the best time in the qualifiers with his first set of new tyres, Paul Loup could not improve on that with the second set. The “EUROFORMULA VOLANT” then fell to 5th place in both races.

In Race 1, Paul Loup made the best time but found it impossible to overtake and had to be satisfied with 4th place.

Race 2 was driven out on the wet and Paul Loup Chatin knew this was his moment to overtake because the conditions made it possible. Only by launching a fierce attack did the “EUFORMULA VOLANT” take his first victory along with the best time of the race! He is currently third in the provisional general ranking.

Paul Loup Chatin: “The weekend started badly but finished well, this first victory is the fulfilment of all the work I’ve put in with my TECH 1 team. I also showed that I was a contender in the Eurocup because I didn’t miss the podium by much. We’re going up a level, our next objective is to make our potential a reality in the Eurocup.”

Laurent Fradon, Director of EUROFORMULA: “Paul Loup Chatin has been flirting with victory for a while. He knew when to grab his opportunity this weekend and did it with verve on the wet which is the mark of great drivers. He is doing the same thing in the Eurocup and I think a podium and even a victory are not far away.”

The next meeting for Formula Renault 2.0 will be at Silverstone on August 19, 20 and 21 in the context of the Eurocup.

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