Jordan PERROY Portrait

Jordan PERROY joins the French TOP F3 team to take on the 2012 EUROPEAN F3 OPEN. He drives a DALLARA F308 signed up in the Copa Class reserved for older cars.

Jordan won’t feel alone as he joins two other French challengers, Alexander COUGNAUD also in a DALLARA F308 and Pierre SANCINENA who drives the new DALLARA F312.

Last year, Jordan PERROY added some real spark to AUTOSPORT ACADEMY’s French F4 Championship. He also took part in the “EUROFORMULA VOLANT” and was ruled out of the final by just one 13/1000th of a second, which illustrates how tight the competition was in 2011’s promotion!

Jordan first got behind the wheel of an F3 last November on the HAUTE SAINTONGE circuit. He then headed down to BARCELONA where he put on several first class performances which his engineer, Arnaud LEAL, appreciates for what it was:

“He didn’t know the car yet he knew how to adapt quickly to everything new and manage the aerodynamics and tyres. He was very careful to apply all the instructions he was given, it was a real pleasure to work with him.”

As a student of the EUROFORMULA School, where he trains regularly, Jordan PERROY has a solid technical background and this confirms Laurent FRADON’s conviction: “He is a serious student who can put the advice he is given into practice. He is also blessed with a touch of speed which should put him in front positions of the F3 Copa Class and better yet if the equipment lets him. I believe Jordan has the maturity required to put on a good championship, we will follow him closely.”

For his part, Jordan PERROY has some grounded ambitions even if he errs on the side of caution: “I want to continue to learn and improve most of all but that won’t stop me from taking the lead if I can. I got a great feeling the moment I held the wheel of the Formula 3, which is promising for the future. Not only that, I also want to take part in the “EUROFORMULA VOLANT” again and this will be great training for me!”

The first EUROPEAN OPEN challenge will take place on April 28th and 29th on the ALGARVE circuit in Portugal and the young Jordan PERROY intends to shine from the seat of his DALLARA F308.

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