Bridgestone GP2 Series: Q&A with Javier Villa

The Bridgestone-supported GP2 Series heads to the Hungarian circuit of the Hungaroring for the
seventh round of the 2008 GP2 Series. This circuit, located just outside the city of Budapest, features a
tight and technical mix of corners over its 4.38 kms. Racing Engineering driver Javier Villa comes to
Hungary with two full GP2 Series seasons under his belt. Last year at the Hungaroring he won the
Sprint race so he knows his way around this track. Here he answers the following questions:
This is your third season in the GP2 Series what is your aim for 2008?
We feel very strong this year and for me it’s also the strongest year of Racing Engineering. I feel we
have many chances to fight for races, but still I have suffered from problems on several occasions and
hope to overcome these soon and be in the place I should be.
How would you describe the Hungaroring?
It’s a track where last year we were very quick. It has a section in the middle where there are many
curves following each other, where the driver and the car have to work very hard and because of all the
ups and downs it also complicates not only the braking, but also the traction.
What’s the secret to a quick lap here?
A fast lap is never easy, but at this track it’s special as you feel you are much more on the limit than
normal. Most probably due to the constant work you have with the car.
How should you use your tyres for a fast qualifying lap?
It’s important to warm them up properly and take advantage of the first laps as they always require a bit
of time to warm up.
What do you need to consider for your race strategy in terms of tyre management and pit stops?
This is difficult in GP2 as we cannot play with the fuel load in regards to the weight and therefore it’s
mainly influenced by the race situations and the position you are racing in. Of course we are working on
the strategy and take many factors into consideration, but in the end we have to be flexible in order to
take advantage of unexpected situations in the race.
You scored one of your sprint race wins last year at the Hungaroring – how good are your
memories of this event from last season?
Obviously these are very nice memories. From the first lap, Adam Carroll, winner of the Saturday race,
was right behind me and although he pushed hard, I was able to keep him behind me. It was a sweet
victory as we were fighting all race long, and this makes a race win much more exciting.

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