Spa post race decision. Josef Kral will start from reverse pole tomorrow

Spa post race decision

During today’s feature race, Josef Kral was overtaken by Fairuz Fauzy. This move was made during a Safety Car period and by virtue of this a suggestion was made to the team by Race Control that Fauzy should relinquish the position he had gained. Super Nova and their driver properly complied with this without demur.

At the conclusion of the race however, representations were made on behalf of the Malaysian driver and enquiries have been made of both drivers. After hearing the explanation of the Arden driver, the stewards found that the car driven by Kral had slowed to such a degree that it was reasonable for Fauzy to determine that the car driven by Kral had “slowed with an obvious problem” and he was entitled to have overtaken.

In all circumstances, the stewards directed that the finishing positions of Kral and Fauzy be reversed in the classification of the feature race. Both drivers having finished P7 and P8, Josef Kral will now be starting from reverse pole on tomorrow’s sprint race.

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