Golden Stage Rally set for live television coverage


The Cyprus Golden Stage Rally will be shown live on television around
the world when it takes place for a second time on Sunday 6 November.
Rather than covering a multiple number of stages, the Golden Stage
Rally is unique in that it features one single stage, the Golden
Stage, covered twice on a mixed surface route of less than 40
kilometres in length.
With drivers battling against the clock for a share of the 150,000
Euros prize fund over a challenging undulating course, the action is
set to be spectacular with both runs shown live on Eurosport,
Eurosport Asia-Pacific, RTBF in Belgium and Cypriot host broadcaster
The first run through will be shown from 11:00hrs-12:00hrs CET with
the second following from 14:00hrs-15:00hrs CET. Eurosport Events, the
organisation behind the thrilling live coverage of the
Intercontinental Rally Challenge, will manage the live production and
will be responsible for the worldwide distribution of media and
television rights.
“It’s going to be a very exciting event with thrilling
action as drivers go flat out to chase the prize and the accolade of
Cyprus Golden Stage Rally winner 2011,” said Jean-Pierre
Nicolas, the Motorsport Development Manager of the Intercontinental
Rally Challenge, who helped to design the layout of the course.
“The dramatic action will be further enhanced by the tremendous
live television coverage that will thrill fans around the
The live television coverage of the Golden Stage Rally will require
five fixed camera locations, 10 onboard cameras, a helicopter-mounted
camera, a plane for transmitting the onboard camera signals, plus a
team of expert personnel working on the ground in Cyprus and at
Eurosport’s headquarters in Paris.
Cyprus Golden Stage Rally LIVE broadcast schedule (all times are CET
and subject to regional variation
Sunday 6 November11:00hrs-12:00hrs: LIVE Golden Stage Rally Run 1
(Eurosport, LTV, RTBF)14:00hrs-15:00hrs: LIVE Golden Stage Rally Run 2
(Eurosport, LTV, RFBF)14:15hrs-15:00hrs: LIVE Golden Stage Rally Run 2
(Eurosport Asia-Pacific

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