12h Hungary 2009 and 24h Dubai 2010

Our philosophy was and still is, to have sportive race were small and big teams enjoy racing. The international atmosphere added a lot to the sportive character as well as the mix of amateurs, semi-professional and professional teams.

In order to keep a healthy mix of cars and teams, we have made some minor changes and added two new classes; Class A3T (turbo petrol engine cars up to 2500cc) and Class GT4 (which suits all GT4 cars).

Main changes classes:

– Class GT4 added separate class for GT4 cars

– Class A3T added, additional class for turbo petrol engine cars up to 2500cc

– Petrol cars 2000-3000cc combined into class A4

– Minimum reference time for class SP2-GT3A changed to increase competition and to bring the performance in line with class A6

– Minimum weight Porsche GT3 cup car decreased to 1150kg to increase competition

– Minimum reference time added to class D1 (Diesel engine) to balance performance

– Small changes to for Silhouette cars, to increase competition

Overview CLASSES Petrol and Diesel

12h Hungary 2009 & 24h Dubai 2010


A1:   Up to 1600cc

A2:   1600-2000cc

A3T: Turbo engines up to 2.500 cc

A4:   2000-3000cc

A5:   3000-3500cc

A6:   3500-4000cc


D1:   up to 2000cc*

D2:   2000-3000cc*

* diesel cars which will be faster than the min ref laptime will be assigned to other class, e.g. A3T


SP1:            Silhouette Cars (petrol)

SP2 GT3-A:  Special Cars (petrol and diesel),more than 4.000cc and/or more than 6 cylinders allowed

SP3 GT4-A: GT4 homologated cars
(follow link to separate specification with new classes overview)

Dates races:
2nd 12H Hungary 9-10 October 2009
5th Anniversary 24H Dubai 14-15-16 January 2010
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